• Multi-function electric hopsital bed

Multi-function electric hopsital bed

YXZ-C5 (A1)

Technical Parameter
•External Length: 2290mm
•External width: 1020mm
•Adjustable height range: 500-1000mm
•Mattress platform: L(1830-2030)*W820mm
•Backrest section adjustment range: 0-75°±5°
•Knee section adjustment range: 0-45°±5°
•Trendelenburg & Reserve-Trendelenburg: 0-12°
•Loading capacity: 250kg
Technical Configuration:
•Linear Motor                             6pcs
•6inch double side secure castor, central braking  4pcs
•ABS head and foot board, one step removable   1set
•ABS side rail with integrated LCD control panel   4pcs
•IV pole                                   1pc
•5th Directional wheel                        1pc
•X-Ray radiolucent bed platform                1set
•Braking pedal                              2pcs
•Night light                                 1set
•Data storage system                         1set
•CPR quick release system (manual and electric)    1set
•Bed push handle for emergency transfer         1 set
•Weighing system (optional)